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A handcrafted Solitaire game with Poker blended, interesting game mechanics, charming clean visual & a native feel one handed portrait play!

Politaire is a minimalistic, a new modern Solitaire experience prepared just for you.

Politaire is a Solitaire mixed with Poker. Your aim is to make winning hands with 5 active cards in your hand.

Choose cards that you want to discard and swipe it away. Upcoming cards will fill up your active hand and score if you make a winning hand. Discarded cards will go back to the pile, waiting to come up again. 

The minimalist visuals hide an interesting depth that will keep challenging and surprising as you master it.


 - 2 game modes (Single Deck & Double Deck).
 - Endless challenges.
 - Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements & Cloud saves.
 - Brilliant design of Card-Faces & Card-Backs
 - One handed portrait control. (With custom option for Left-Hand or Right-Hand players)
 - Detailed Game Statistics.
 - Night Mode (For night play).


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July 14, 2016 on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store


Free to play (Player can choose to unlock extra Double Deck Mode with $1.99 via iAP)


Phones and tablets running iOS 8.0 or Android 2.3.3 or later


A game concept by Ell Tee (the designer behind iOS unique HITS: Pocket Army, Ulterior, Eyeser, 1+2=3, Blocky 6, Annoying Cab, Watch Out!). Publishing by Pine Entertainment.

Contact (Send me an email if you want a copy of Politaire)

Fun Facts

☉ Card design of Politaire has the same proportion of the iPhone's Screen. The taller card will provide more space to tap than the classic card size.

☉ Player can unlock the Card-Backs & Card-Faces for Free! Just play some games and see how to unlock them later.

☉ Most of Politaire's Newbie scores around 400-1500 points, while a pro can do more than 100,000 points. Is Politaire deep enough for swapping strategies with friends?

☉ There is a big bonus if you could clear all cards in a game. However, it's a random bonus (from x1.2, x1.5 to x2.0)! You still need luck to max out your points.

☉ Me, the designer of Politaire lives in a country that Poker is prohibited by our government and I'm a mobile-Solitaire hater too(mostly because mobile-Solitaire plays so hard in Mobile Screen). I decide to break my limitation by making a Solitaire that I could play to state Poker's element by myself legally in my country. :-)

☉ I already failed with 2 Video Poker Creations before, that's really sad. Hope this one won't be that bad.

☉ I didn't know that I will be addicted to my own game that much, honestly! 

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